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Dear Future Six-Figure Earners!!!

"Dear Future Six-Figure Earners," I chose that title for this blog because most people aspire to be six-figure earners without realizing that a transformation is needed to command such earnings. One of the tools I believe can assist you in becoming that person who accomplishes that goal is to write a letter to your future self. Here's the beginning of my letter to my future self:

Dear Future Self,

A year from now, I will be an established mindset blogger and speaker, a source of inspiration for those feeling stuck, knowing there is more to life...

Today, we're writing a letter to our Future Selves so we can become the person we need to be to achieve our 2024 goals. This letter will serve as our anchor and motivation when we need motivation and keep our eyes on the goals.

Below are the steps that I will use to complete my letter, and you can use them as well to write yours:

1. Choose a Specific Time Frame: Our time frame will be a year from now. Start imagining how you would like to be on December 4th, 2024.

2. Write Your Goals and Don't be Afraid to Dream Big: Did you see how I told my future self, "I will be an established mindset blogger and speaker"? I am very specific in my ambitions, so you should be!!! This month, you and I are giving notice to the universe of WHO and WHAT we plan to be in 2024 :-)

words written as steps

3. Plan it out: You've heard the statement: "A goal without a plan is just a wish"? You need to write down an actionable plan with timelines.

If you guys follow me on any social media platforms, you will realize I've been putting out more video content because my goal is by December 2024 to be an established speaker. I decided this morning that I will publish 4 to 5 videos a week (please, can somebody be my accountability partner, and I will be yours :-)

This plan should serve as a roadmap throughout the year for whenever you feel like you are drifting.

4. Challenges: Let's not lie to ourselves. A goal that is not met with some challenges is not a goal worth having. Make peace with that idea so that when the challenges come, they don't distract or discourage you. The struggle is real!! But so should your desire to see your dreams come to pass.

5- Grow in It: You can't achieve a serious goal without undergoing personal growth. Believe it or not, I am naturally shy. Take me out of my comfort zone, and you will see a different Emma. But a shy established speaker? That's an oxymoron! Isn't it? A six-figure earner cannot be afraid to step out of their comfort zone. So in my plan of action and yours, we need to include steps that require us to grow into the person who can accomplish those tasks that our goals require.

Some of us might need to be braver, while others might need to be assertive or learn to be less controlled by their emotions. For some of us, it might mean spending less time watching TV, mindlessly scrolling on social media, or getting better at time and money management, etc... You know your weaknesses and what needs to be done. Just do it!!

6- Monthly Check-In: This is not a letter for you to write and put away in a drawer you will never open. No. Pin it somewhere, like your refrigerator, tape it in your mirror, or put it on your bedside table. So that every month or whenever you feel lost or discouraged, you can remember what your 2023 self told your 2024 self.

7- End with Hope: Tell yourself you believe in yourself. You might be thinking, "What? Why?" Because more than anybody in this world, you are the person you have disappointed the most in your lifetime. You are the person you have told the most lies and broken the most promises to. So you need to re-affirm to yourself that you are better prepared this time, and therefore, you will not disappoint or chicken out when it gets tough.

a human form jumping from one mountain to another with the word I can do it written

WOW!!! Please tell me in the Comments that you are ready to tackle 2024!!!

Until next time,


P.S. If you find value in this blog, do me a huge favor and share it. Consider it a birthday gift to me :-)

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