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Welcome Back Authentic Self!!!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Today, as I waited at Starbucks for my name to be called, I read this simple but eye opening sentence from Luvvie Ajayi Jones's new book “Professional Troublemaker”:

« Whenever I got in trouble when I was little... IT WAS USUALLY FOR MY MOUTH. »

OMG!!! That was Me!!! I always had a snarky response at the tip of my tongue whenever I felt someone was being unfair or didn’t respect the rules of this game called Life. I didn’t care WHO you were or WHAT position you occupied. If you cross me or someone I care for, or violate the rules of common decency, YOU WILL HEAR A PLENTY FROM ME!!!

Which brought to this sad realization: « Emma, when did you become so quiet??? (Trust me, I AM!!) When did you lose your voice??? When did you stop standing for what you believe is right... fair... regardless of the consequences??? Hmmm... »

I am going to spend these next couple of days meditating on those questions while looking for my whole voice, so I can start using back, instead of “this politically correct whisper” that I have been using for these past decades.

I encourage all of you to do a SOUL CHECK, and see if you are still functioning as your authentic self or as an echo of the person you should have been.

***And don't forget to connect with me on Instagram «emmapoindujour »

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