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How to Network as an Introvert!!!

If you follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn, you might have read last week's post titled "I am an introvert!!!" where I shared two tips on how I succeed despite being an introvert. If you have read it, then scroll down to read the TWO BONUS TIPS I couldn't resist sharing with you :-)

If you haven't read this insightful post yet? You missed out!!! It received more than 10,000 impressions on LinkedIn across various groups where it was shared. But don't worry. I got you. Read the highlighted section.

Most people don’t believe that I am an introvert because I seem so outgoing, but I am. Today, I want to share TWO TIPS I use to get what I want in life most of the time.

1- MY PHYSICAL APPEARANCE - You will not catch me looking plain at networking events. I always make sure something about my appearance attracts people’s attention so they can compliment me and I can start a conversation with them.

2- I ALWAYS OPERATE IN MY GIFT- I am naturally fascinated with people, so my questions are always genuine, and people can sense that. They tend to open up, which allows me to build relationships with them based on trust instead of all that shallowness that’s out there.

Conclusion: I have never had to beg anyone for their business, and neither will you if you follow the intent behind that caption."

BONUS TIP 1: Use the initial conversation as an interview- Introverts tend to be good listeners, and networking events are a great opportunity to gather information on your potential business partners. People are usually relaxed and will volunteer information about themselves and their business that might have taken you months to find out. Treat that initial conversation as an interview to see if they are a good fit to do business with.

Rule of Thumb- Make the initial conversation about them and not about you. People love talking about their business accomplishments. Once they are comfortable because you allowed them to shine, they will veer the conversation toward you and start asking the questions you have been waiting all night to share your knowledge. It’s a win-win, but on a deeper level.

BONUS TIP 2: Connect with potential business interests on social media - In today's world, everyone is on social media, but everyone is not active on every social media platform. Do some research and find out which one your potential business partners are most active. For some, it might be LinkedIn; for others, it might be Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Once you figure out which one, engage with their posts by leaving valuable comments showing interest in their work and providing unique insights.

We are all trying to succeed in life, but the competition is ferocious, especially when you are an introvert. But it doesn't have to be that way. Just apply this principle: "If you are seeking someone's business and want your input to be felt, ensure that you offer more than just skills and knowledge- Provide unique value that others may not have considered.

Do you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the Comments section.

Until next time,


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