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"My Why"

I saw that look in her face…my daughter…the same look that I’ve struggled with for years. That “what if I’m not good enough” look, and it broke my heart because I know who she is.. how powerful she is now and will grow to be. Yet, she has no idea.

My book “Queen, do you know who you are?” is an empowering love letter to my daughter Serenity, because I realized that “She is younger self”!!! I have learned that I am indeed everything God said I am...created without a flaw; lacking nothing and so are you! My baby girl is the daughter of a Queen, she doesn’t need to be fearful as she finds her way because she too is perfectly equipped with everything that she needs.

My book “Queen, do you know who you are?” is a reminder to my nieces, and all the young girls and women out there who struggle in their journey to remember the Queen that they are. I want you to remember your crown...polish it... if it’s crooked, straighten it. I want to remind you of your worth and help you grasp that, no matter what, you never lose your value…You just need to adjust, or re-adjust and keep it moving as the queen that you are!

***"Queen, Do You Know Who You Are?" is available on Amazon

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