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Personal Branding-Your Professional Superpower!

Personal Branding is a professional's superpower, and when it's done well, you control the narrative of what is being said about you, thus the opportunities that come your way. Today, I want to share SIX STRATEGIES that I have personally used to build and strengthen my brand:

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Number One: Active listening! While that might sound simple, active listening will get you brownie points in any conversation because, nowadays, people don't know how to listen. And if they do, they are distracted, because they are also waiting to be heard. Plus, active listening shows a genuine interest, and who wouldn't be attracted to someone who genuinely listens to them?Additionally, active listening will allow you to know what is missing in the marketplace and how to build a strong brand.

Number Two: Do not promise what you can't deliver! You will lose your credibility quicker than a New York minute and tarnish your brand if you are a professional who likes to make promises to attract leads but can't deliver on those promises. It's always better to overdeliver.

While we are on that note, KEEP YOUR WORD!!! Unless you are faced with circumstances beyond your control, don't go back on your word. And if you have to, try to overdeliver, even if it means you losing in order to build their trust.

Number Three: Consistent Communication! We are all busy and only have 24 hours in the day, but guess what? The people who are winning in personal branding have mastered the art of follow-up in their communication by sending a quick email or text to people they want to establish a professional relationship with.

Additionally, always be willing to go the extra mile or even perform tasks unrelated to your work to keep your contacts happy. Something as simple as providing them with a piece of information they shared with you that they needed or introducing them to a connection of yours that could further assist them.

Number Four: Get Personal! Who doesn't like for their birthday to be remembered? Or being given a genuine compliment? The holidays are coming soon. Sending a thoughtful holiday card with a small gift can be the catalyst that your brand needs to differentiate you from others and solidify your relationship with some of your contacts.

By the way, if you don't know their birthdays, don't panic. Facebook and LinkedIn will send you a notification :-)

Number Five: Stop discounting people! I am always intrigued when people reach out to do business with me, always on my DM, but once I tell them "No," all forms of communication stop. In their mind, they have discarded me. Don't be that person. People are not stupid. With most people, you will have to nurture the relationships for a long time before they open up. Like you, they have been fooled and backstabbed, so you have to allow them to see you are not there to make a quick buck from them and move on to the next. You are there for the long run, and that is what will differentiate your brand from others.

Number Six: Consistency! If Rome wasn't built in one day, what makes you think you can build a solid personal brand in one month, six months, or even a year? I have been building my brand as a personal injury paralegal for ten years- TEN YEARS!!! And I can tell you I have reaped the fruits of my labor, especially when I got sick and couldn't network how I used to. My contacts came through for me!

Now that I am building my brand as a speaker and blogger, it's a new roller coaster. Because people are watching me from afar, waiting to see if I am bringing value to my audience, etc... And while, at times, it's challenging and aggravating, I smile on the inside because this is not my first rodeo drive at building a personal brand, and I am ready to ride that bull until I get what I came for. I encourage you to get on that bull as well.

This week, do me a huge favor. If you find value in this post, help me spread the word by sharing it with family, friends, and colleagues! I am honestly tired of paying for Facebook and Instagram ads :-) So please give me some free marketing to encourage me for sharing my knowledge and time with you.

If you have any questions, ask them in the Comment section or DM me. But I would prefer in the comments so every reader can benefit from both the question and answer.

Until next time,


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