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Why you should definitely consider undergoing this procedure?

This is by far the best procedure you can offer yourself in 2022:


Because seriously…

Why are you wasting your non-refundable time carrying hurt and painful memories of people who don’t care about you or your well-being? If you waste 30 minutes (hypothetically) thinking about them, do you think they also spent 30 minutes of their time thinking about what they did to you, or how they hurt you? No!!! So STOP WASTING YOUR PRECIOUS NON-REFUNDABLE TIME on people and memories that are not serving you in any way.

And I know most of you will claim that this doesn't apply to you, and that you are over IT!!! Then, let me ask you this: " Why has your countenance changed since the offense? Why do your eyes look armed and dangerous, ready to shoot at the next person who crosses you? Are you working hard to reach your goals to make yourself proud, or to prove THEM wrong for undervaluing your potential? When was the last time you had a good genuine laugh?

At different times in my life, I had to go through that process to make sure I was genuine in the pursuit of my ambitious goals and didn't allow my hurt to cause me to unknowingly become the weapon formed against myself.

More importantly, the reason why I stated that this is THE BEST PROCEDURE you can offer yourself in 2022 is because an unhealed heart is a BLESSING BLOCKER. No matter how good and promising a seed is, if you plant it on a damaged soil, it won’t produce the outcome it could have. In this instance, your heart is the soil where all your dreams and goals are birthed, and if right now you are feeling stuck, or feel like you should have got more from your seed, then you might need to look into the condition of your heart.

Lastly, DID YOU KNOW that anger, bitterness and all of their cousins, uncles and aunts AGE YOU? Hell to the No!!! I will not allow anybody’s nonsense or evilness to age me. Sis, facelifts and Botox are expensive :-)

Now, do you agree with me that this is a MUST HAVE procedure for 2022? Your heart is meant to be the wings that carry your dreams, so why keep carrying those unnecessary loads? They will only keep you on the ground. Please take some time this June to discover the sources of your unhealed heart and release them one by one.

Until next time,


P.S. Please share this blog with another Sis. This world is in serious need of healing, and we all can contribute by encouraging one another. Thank you in advance.

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