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Emma Story

Looking to break free from feeling stuck and powerless? You're in the right place. Meet Emma - The Bounce Back Queen, a mindset blogger and speaker who overcame obstacles to become a beacon of inspiration and hope.

Raised in Haiti, Emma moved to the U.S. in her mid-twenties and pursued a degree in legal studies. But life had other plans - she got fired the day after she found out she was pregnant, then went through a divorce soon after her son was born. Emma didn't give up though. Instead, she pursued a bachelor's degree in communications, realizing the success being an effective communicator would bring her.

Now, Emma uses her experience as an immigrant, a single mom, an entrepreneur, and a divorcee to inspire others to communicate better and chase their dreams, regardless of what life throws their way. These days, you can find Emma giving speeches at churches, on the radio, and social events, Emma empowers her audience to reach their full potential.

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