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About Emma

My  name is Emmanuelle Poin Du Jour, but you can call me "Emma". I am a Motivational Speaker and a Social Media Blogger. I was born and raised in Haiti, and moved to the United States in my mid-twenties. After months of debating on what the best career move should be, I opted to pursue an Associate degree in Legal Studies to get my foot in the door to eventually become an attorney.

Unfortunately or fortunately, life happened!!! I got fired the day after I found out I was pregnant... then got a divorce right after my son was born. And once again, I had to decide on a new move in order to secure my future. So I went back to school, but this time, I pursued a Bachelor degree in Communications, instead of continuing my studies in the legal field, because I truly believe that a big part of life's issues can be resolved if we learned to better communicate with each other.

With that belief in mind, I started giving speeches in churches, on the radio, at social events. I used my journey as an immigrant, a woman, a divorcee, a single mom, an entrepreneur as an inspiration to teach people how to practice better communication, and motivate them to pursue their dreams no matter how old they are or what their life circumstances may be.

Today, I invite you to be part of this journey by joining my email list, and hope you will come out refresh and energize.

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