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4 weeks ago, I ALMOST DIED!!!

Updated: Jan 8

Beautiful People, my wish for you in 2023 is for you to "put your trust completely in God, so He can flip the script in certain areas of your life." If you are on the fence about fully trusting God- that’s okay. Because I have a story that might make you change your mind.

Four weeks ago, I almost died. Yes, you read correctly!!! The weekend after Thanksgiving, I started having a terrible pain in my stomach. As the days went by, the pain kept getting worse. I went to two doctors who misdiagnosed me. I couldn't sit long. I could barely lie down, so I couldn't sleep at night. Walking was painful. In the following three weeks, I went to the ER 4 times to 2 different hospitals, consulted with 2 different specialists who told me to accept that moving forward my new normal will be to use a catheter for the rest of my life, since they didn't know what caused my organs to stop functioning and that was the only way they knew to stop the pain.

I remember telling the first specialist that I rejected his prognosis because "God and I didn't have a conversation about THIS being my new way of living." He looked at me like the crazy person that I sounded like, but didn't offer an alternative, so I went on to consult a second specialist who told me the same thing. By then, I was on my third week of dealing with this. I was mentally and physically drained, and was tired of arguing. I listened to the doctor and his nurse's instructions on what I needed to do on a daily basis, but kept repeating to myself: "God, you and I didn't have a conversation about this, so I am having trouble accepting it." I was broken-hearted. It was a long drive home, and when I got there, nature called, and I did what anybody would do, and my organs started functioning again like God meant them to.

All this to say, none of us know what 2023 will bring. If right now, or throughout the year, you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a script-flipping either in your health, in your family, in your finances, or any area of your life, remember WHO to go to ask for one.

Side Note: I am not telling anybody that doctors don't know what they are doing. Everything they said was on point. God just flipped the script, and that's why my 2023's motto is: "God, FLIPPED THE SCRIPT!!!"

Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2023, and lots of flipping in areas where you need it. Let's try to hang out more virtually and physically. Come to my networking and live events and invite me to yours.

Until next time,


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