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Now is not the time for you to doubt WHO YOU ARE!!!

We are living some strange days... and some of us might find ourselves in situations where we forget or start doubting WHO WE ARE...

Akin Olokum stated: « Develop a strong opinion about yourself so that you don’t accidentally start believing what others say about you. »

We are not less than... We were never less than...WE ARE EQUAL!!!

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“set yourself apart from the crowd, not above it”

when u love yourself this becomes second nature. competition and oneupmanship you were once surrounded by becomes support and encouragement


This pandemic unveilEd an innate desire to venture into entrepreneurship. I no longer yearn the comfort a regular 9-5, although I am grateful for what my employment provided for me and my family. I like this feeling of owning something I am passionate about and owning something I can one day pass on to my children. I say this all to say, in order to maintain my focus on this goal will require a profound self-sufficiency. I must be willing to believe in myself even when no one else does. 💖


May we be among those who will build others with our words🤗.

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