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Nothing changes if Nothing changes

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

And just like that, January is gone, and we are in the second week of February. But for some of us, it still feels like we are experiencing 2021.

The challenges are the same… The dramas are the same… The companies we keep are the same… even the days seem the same- only the month and the year seem to have changed.

The reality is NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES!!! So let me ask you this: "What changes have you made so far, or are you planning to make to ensure that your 2022 is different?" If you are still struggling to answer these questions? Or would like some reinforcements on your decisions? Below are some of the changes I made the past three years that have helped transformed my life, identified and get rid of the drama and vicious cycles, manifest my blessings and peace, and live a life closer to what God intended for me.

1- Mind Your Mindset

Beloved, WHAT are you feeding your mind? What are you watching? Do you set a time aside for leisure and a time to pursue your dreams? Do you spend most of your free time doing mindless scrolling on social media? Or do you use some of that scrolling to sharpen your natural skills or learn new ones? Perhaps even meet new people? Do you read new books to discover new ways of thinking or a new approach to reaching your goals? The reality is most of us might never get to hang out with Jeff Bezos, Gary V, Oprah or Tyler Perry. If you are honest, we don't even get to have a real conversation with the Dharius Daniels, David Shands, the Luvvie of this world... But do you know where all of those people are easily accessible to you? Their social media platforms, their books and publications, etc... So in 2022, if you want to experience some real changes in your life, make it your priority to find people who inspire you, especially those who overcame challenges that are similar to yours. Follow them on social media, listen to their thoughts process to learn how their mindset shift, and how they are able to reach and maintain their success.

Why is this important? You are not an island!!! You cannot succeed in this life without guidance!!!

2-Mind Your Relationships

I know I said above that you are not an island, and that you need people to assist you in this journey. However, there is people and there is PEOPLE (pardon the colloquialism), in other words quality versus quantity.

My darling, WHO is feeding your mind? Who are your friends? What are they feeding you? What type of conversations are you guys having? Are they making productive contributions into your life? Your dreams? And vice-versa? Are jokes, gossips or negativity the main topics of your conversations? Bottom line is WHO do you call when you feel stuck, or your dream needs a booster? At our age, we need friends that bring more to the table then just giggles and the likes.

The same way we need solid food for a healthy body, we need solid relationships to grow mentally and spiritually. Plus, those connections are usually the ones who show us how to maneuver when life presents us with a disguised opportunity, and/or we need to reach a new level in our life.

There are so many other changes that I would like to share with you, but I think those two are sufficient for now. Plus, there is always next week or next month...

One thing I would like to ask you though is, if you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, please share it with a family member, a friend, or a colleague. Because it takes a tribe of women encouraging each other and holding each other's accountable for all of us to succeed.

Until next time,


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