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Wait 'til you hear what happened to ME!!!

Last Sunday, I was in my kitchen making some coffee when I realized the pool water was acting up. When I went outside and got closer, there was a weird noise coming from the filter area. My first thought was: “There is probably a dead frog, or worse, a dead snake caught in there." I checked the motor. It was acting weird too. I decided to send a video of the pool to Aaron, my pool maintenance guy, to let him know what was going on and ask for his advice. He told me that the pool needed more water and to add some. Add water to an already filled pool??? Hmm...

Anyway…. I took a bucket and started filling it with water from my kitchen faucet to pour into the pool. Please don’t laugh at my illogical action. After 6 unsuccessful trips, I decided this filling-the-pool-with-a bucket wasn’t working and went to Home Depot to buy a garden hose. It took approximately 3 hours for everything to go back to normal with the pool. I am so not looking forward to next month’s water bill :-(

In everything that happens to me, I always look for the lesson. In this instance, there are FOUR I would like to share with you:

1- Be mindful of the little things. If I wasn’t a visual person, I might have not realized, from my kitchen slide door that the pool water was acting weird. And most likely by the following day, the pool motor would have stopped working, and I would have had to buy a new one and pay for a new installation.

2- Even when you think you understand, if it’s an area you’re not familiar with- ASK MORE QUESTIONS TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS SAID. Do you know why I thought I could fill the pool with small buckets of water? Because I honestly didn’t understand what Aaron meant by “the pool needs more water”. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea that a pool that looked filled to me could need more water. I started acting like I’m brainless.

3- Procrastination Today leads to Emergency Tomorrow. I have been saying that I need to buy a garden hose for almost 2 years. But I never found one that I like: “What’s there to like, Emma? Get the hose and keep it moving”. Procrastination takes different forms. Identify yours so you can have a plan of action to overcome it before it costs you.

4- No harm ever came from a mindful nap. A mindful nap is when you are dozing off, but your brain is working in the background. There are times when our subconscious can use a 15-minute nap to communicate information to us that the stress and the noise of this world has kept us from receiving. For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to figure out how to scale my business and pay off some of those pesty credit card debts. When I woke up, I had clarity on what my next steps should be on those two areas.

Now let me ask you this: "Have you ever had a brainless moment? Or had one of those mindful naps?" Let me know in the comment section and/or share your own thoughts on the lessons.

Until next time,


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