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2023 called and wants to know: "ARE WE GOOD???"

The two most common reasons why most people will fail to reach their 2023 goals are: 1-They are not crystal clear on what those goals are, 2-They don’t value the benefits of achieving those goals enough to make the necessary adjustments and sacrifices.

For example: I love money!!! Not money itself, but the financial freedom it can give. To me, having money means living life on my own terms, so that I can enjoy a greater peace of mind. With that goal in mind, toward the end of 2022, when most people were making purchases during Black Friday and Christmas, I chose to pay off some of my credit cards. I told my best friend, I would rather skip the temporary joy of shopping and traveling this year, if it meant getting closer to living-life-on-my-own-terms goals.

Trust me, staying the course wasn't easy. No real goal ever is. Which brings me to ask you the following questions concerning your 2023 goals: 1- Are you clear on them? 2-How far are you willing to press the gas pedal and/or how much sacrifices are you willing to make to see those goals come to pass? 3-Did you create a timetable to reach them?

Remember the old adage by Antoine de Saint Exupery: "A goal without a plan is JUST A WISH."

In 2023, WE ARE NOT DOING WISHES!!! We are writing down our goals to show the universe that we mean business and also to get clarity. Then, we are drafting a plan of execution with a timetable. Finally, we are launching the plan of execution with one foot on the gas pedal, and the other one on the brake pedal for when we need to make adjustments while staying the course.

Do you agree with this 2023 plan of action? Would you like to add your thoughts? Please share in the comment section of this article.

Until next time,


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