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How to make $100K or more in 2023!!!

If you're following me on social media, you may have seen me make this bold statement last week: "I FINALLY HAVE A NUMBER!!!" This means I've determined the amount of money I need to earn annually to feel content.

Once I set this goal, I felt like a light bulb came into my mind, and my brain started buzzing with strategies to achieve it. Since we are family, I will share my strategy so that you can achieve your financial goals as well.

Step 1. Identify your desired yearly income- Before you can reach your desired annual income, you need to know what that number is. Take some time to figure out what that magic number is for YOU. How can you reach a destination if you don't know where you're going?

Step 2. Embrace your goal- Let's say your goal is to make $100K or $250K a year. While it might seem far away, make peace with the amount. That's your heart's true desire, and your brain is finally getting the memo, so why would you go against it? Instead, start visualizing yourself making that money so your brain can strategize and work towards your desired outcome.

Step 3. Market your skills to increase your income- What skills do you currently have or use in your job that you could market to others? You might be surprised at how many skills you possess that others would be willing to pay for. For example, you can use some administrative skills you perform daily to start a side hustle as a virtual assistant. If you're a business owner or a contractor, you can monetize your skills and knowledge by teaching them to others for a fee.

Some of you might say, "Emma, I seriously don't see any skill or knowledge I can use or teach to make money outside of my current job." I have a question: "Have you ever been employed for more than a year performing the same skills or applying the same knowledge? Then you, my friend, do have a marketable skill. You might not know how to market it. But think about it, if your boss or current clients are willing to pay you for it, so will others. We're no longer hiding behind excuses.

Step 4. Develop new skills- Developing new skills is another way to boost your income. Look for skills that complement your existing ones or open doors to new opportunities. For example, I was pleasantly surprised when some people reached out to me these past few months, wanting to know who built my website. Little do they know, I did it. I think it's fair to say that, after two years of building and editing my website, I can monetize that skill and bring some additional income if I want to.

Step 5. Network and promote yourself- How would people know you have something to offer if you don't tell them? Yes, I know you told your friends, family, and the people you hang out with, but let me ask you this: "How far did that get you?" Not that far, if you're honest. Their word of mouth can give you a start, but to get to your six figures this year, you will need to approach strangers, network outside of your comfort zone, and make some loud noise to promote yourself. It's the only way to get your message out there and attract new business. You can't be connected to me on any social media platform and not know what I am about. That's how I want you to be as well. When your name is mentioned, or people see one of your posts, they should already know what type of content or conversation to expect.

Step 6. Focus on income-producing activities and manage your time wisely - We don't have a lack of time problem; we have a time management problem. And it's because most of us don't believe enough in our goals to make them a priority, and since they are not a priority, we don't spend enough time performing income-producing activities. This week, look at your goals and the activities you spend your time on, see if there is a correlation or a disconnect between the two, and make any necessary changes.

Beautiful People, we need to start normalizing our financial desire. They are not farfetched; they are not unrealistic. We just didn't know how to get there. Now that I have shared my step-by-step strategies with you, I hope you will apply them so we can all celebrate reaching our number by the end of 2023.

If you enjoy this post, please do me a huge favor and share it with friends and family. If you have some questions or want to add something, please don't be shy and post it in the Comment section.

Until next time,


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