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Do you believe Success is in your DNA???

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Most of us truly believe that success is in our DNA. So, how come we didn't reach our most pressing goals?

For some of us, it was a Mindset issue- Yes, I can't stress enough how IMPORTANT MINDSET is, because you can't accomplish big goals with a weak mindset.

For others, it was a Lack of strategic planning and execution. Let's be HONEST.

In the past, I have found myself in the same boat as you. And like me, I don't want you to waste your precious time on "should've... would've... could've..." Instead, I am inviting you to read the articles below where my friends and I share tips on how to get your mindset, planning and execution ready for 2023.

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by LaMora Pace

You are THE BRAND!!!

by Courtney Robinson

Nothing changes if Nothing changes

by Emmanuelle Poin Du Jour

Can you trust YOU with YOUR money?

by Michelle Powell


Time to Make Money Moves!!!

by Emmanuelle Poin Du Jour

Fold that money back into your pocket & chill!!!

by Claudia Box

Welcome to the New Normal!!!

by Emmanuelle Poin Du Jour

Are you ready for 2023? I re-read some of the articles, so I know I am!!!

Now, can I ask you for a Huge Favor? If you find value in any of the articles, please share with your friends and family, so they can be edified as well, and be ready for 2023.

Wishing you a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


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