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Is Your Soul Food Making You Sick?

A Letter to My Sisters...

a group of women from different ethnic background hugging each other

For the past couple of years, our culture has been about promoting the idea of being a "Badass Woman"- Women who are trendsetters or making noticeable moves in their community or society. We have embraced catchphrases like "The Future is Female," "Who runs the world? Girls!!!" and celebrated having a female vice-president with: "My Vice-President is Female." As a Black immigrant woman who grew up in a culture that restricted women's growth, I AM ALL FOR IT!!!

In the morning, I start my day by listening to empowering podcasts or songs that echo those sentiments of badassery to set my soul on fire, so that I can go and make badass moves and decisions throughout the day. It's like having a hearty soul food for breakfast. Do you do that as well?

But lately, I started feeling a certain way about all those non-stop badass expressions that I use to hype myself up. It's as if the same soul food that used to set my soul on fire and make me behave like a superwoman, started making me sick.

Hold up! Hold up! Before you react or stop reading, please allow me to explain myself :-)

What is your favorite food or your favorite drink? I don't have a favorite food, but I love cocktails. They relax me and make my soul merry. But can you imagine me drinking Mai Tai or Pina Colada nonstop? Or eating burgers, pizzas, sushi, or pasta every single day? Eating those heavy meals or drinking those strong drinks would have eventually wreaked havoc on my digestive system because it was not created to process nonstop like an energizer bunny. It was designed to break down food, digest it, absorb its nutrients, and use its energy to produce.

That same concept can also be applied to the food we feed our spirit. These empowering messages and phrases hype us up and push us to take actions that our minds might not always be prepared for. Whether we want to admit it or not: "Nobody can be a Badass Chick all day, every day."

Badass women need a mental break from being badass.

If you think I am exaggerating, let me ask you: "Have you been feeling more exhausted lately, even though there haven't been any significant changes in your life? Do you find yourself snapping at minor details that never bothered you before? Then, my darling sister, it's a sign that YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY DRAINED FROM BEING BADASS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Anything that is not done in moderation can lead to complications. We weren't created to be like the energizer bunny. It's only cute in the commercials, but that's not who we are at our core! We weren't created to constantly be pursuing the next goal, the next hustle, or the next deal. We were created to slow down after achieving some big goals. Even God rested on the seventh day.

The goal of this article isn't to discourage you from pursuing your dream or ambitions because I'm not. It's a gentle reminder that if you've been on the Badass path for a while and are starting to feel weary, it's perfectly okay to slow down. Nobody will judge you for it. Plus, slowing down allows you to better assess and plan your next moves. It allows you to catch your breath and consider things you might have overlooked.

There are times when we need to allow our spirit to meditate and be transformed by the food we already ate, instead of constantly, striving to be superwoman. Let slowing down become a new part of your routine because slowing down doesn't mean giving up. It means that you value your mental and emotional well-being enough that you take time to pause, breathe, reflect, and listen to your soul whispering back to you the inspiration and strength you need to continue your badass journey.

Until next time,


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C Box
C Box
Jul 18, 2023

This article was perfect! A must read

Replying to

Thank you. What part of it resonated the most with you?


As we politely say in Québec🇨🇦: Trop c’est trop! Excès en tout nuit🤷🏾‍♀️. Well said! Take a break🥰

Replying to

Indeed, anything in excess can lead to complications. And if society wants to drive women mad by constantly hyping them, that doesn’t mean we have to take the bait. Resting is revolutionary at this point.

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