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Reach Your Goal by December :-)

We are in O C T O B E R!!! How did this happen? Didn’t we just celebrate the 4th of July? Didn’t the kids just go back to school? October is the wake-up call some of us needed to remind us that we only have 3 months left to reach the goals we set for 2022. But don't panic or be discouraged. Copy this strategy I am about to share to stay on track and reach your goal by December.

But first, FORGET all those big goals you set up in January.

At that time, you had 12 months to plan and execute; now, you only have 3. You need to decide this week what is a reachable goal to attain: a promotion, learning a new skill, getting more clients, offering a new service, losing weight, etc... and set a specific date to attain that reachable goal. In our case, let's decide the specific date will be December 20th, 2022. You might ask: "Emma, why do I need a specific date?" Having a deadline to reach your goal will put the necessary pressure on you to do the work and stay on track.

In January 2022, my goals for the year were: to grow my newsletter subscribers, launch a podcast, have a YouTube channel, schedule 4 networking events, secure sponsorships, etc... Come August, once I realized most of these goals were not going to take place in the timeframe I had in mind, I decided to focus on the ONE REACHABLE goal that would move the needle for all of the others in 2023: GROWING MY EMAIL LIST. So, "Thank You" to each one of you who have subscribed. You are assisting me in reaching my goals.

Here are the 3 steps that I have implemented that have helped me get 20 new subscribers in less than 2 weeks and can help you in reaching your goal by December 20th, 2022:

1-Go back to the basics- ASK!!! Some of us are not reaching our goals because we are afraid to ask. Example: “Hey, I offer this service… these are the benefits… would you be interested…?” Voilà!!! So, this week, once you have figured out what your reachable goal for December 20th, 2022 is, I need you to get out of your comfort zone and start asking :-)

2- Be AGGRESSIVE and take NO EXCUSES from yourself. In mid-August, when I decided my new goal was to get 200 subscribers by December, I started making more videos to make myself more discoverable, and started constantly inviting people to sign up for my newsletter. I am an introvert, so while it might look easy when you see my social media posts- trust me, it's not. I get stressed out. I get silent panic attacks. But I decided I will not take any more excuses from myself. So, this is me telling you: "Get out of your own way!!! Because your goals are waiting on YOU."

You have SET the goal… You are no longer afraid to ASK…You are AGGRESSIVE …Now...

3- Be STRATEGIC in your execution- If your goal is 20 new clients by December 20th, 2022, then start reaching out to at least 100 potential clients per week. Why 100? Because not everyone will need your services, or be able to afford you, or want to work with you. I know 100 people per week seems a lot; but when you break it down to 20 people per day, it is feasible, especially if you use social media.

If your goal is to lose 10 to 15 pounds by December 20th, 2022, then start making small changes in your food and drink intake. And when possible, park your vehicle a little further when going somewhere to add some extra steps, and take the stairs more often. I lost 9 pounds in 2 months by doing what I just said.

If you have any additional questions or need clarification, go ahead and schedule a free 15-minute call with me by clicking this link:

Until next time,


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Very well said! Thank you again for such a reminder. 🙏

Replying to

Do you have a specific goal for that date?


I am practicing the basics! Because I need an extra income $600 per week to keep this traveling agency alive🌞

Replying to

Tomorrow, make a list of everyone you know, and start asking each one of them if they have travel plan for the holiday. And ask them if they can give you an introduction to their friends and family.

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