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Stop Wasting Your Juice!!!

Last Wednesday, my son was telling me about an annoying situation, and I asked him: "Is this situation really worth the time you're spending thinking about it?" He looked at me, slowly shaking his head in agreement but still not entirely convinced. So I proceeded with this example: Let's say every week, you are given 1,000 brain cells, and each activity you do uses part of those cells. Come Thursday, you have this big project to work on, but because you already used most of your brain cells, you no longer have the capacity to complete the project, so you fail!!!

Christian wasn't the only one who needed a priority check. Over the past year, I often had to remind myself how precious my grey matter is and why I can't keep wasting it on minutiae.

Today, I am here to remind you to do the same when you encounter the following scenarios:

Scenario 1

When Shelly at the office gives you an attitude or makes a smart remark for no reason. Instead of reacting- KEEP IT MOVING because Shelly doesn't deserve those brain cells you were going to use on her because you might need them for something useful.

Scenario 2

When Hubby or Wifey does that annoying thing that they know annoys you. Don't fall for it and start having an argument with yourself in the car :-) KEEP IT MOVING because your reaction might start a chain reaction, and you both might end up using more brain cells than you had planned to.

Scenario 3

When TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or whatever social media platform is calling your name, trying to get you to spend HOURS watching nonsense upon nonsense. DID I HAVE TO GO THERE??? YES!!! Put that phone down after 30 minutes, or switch gears by finding videos that can improve the quality of your life.

Don't get me wrong!!! There's nothing wrong with having fun. But too much fun like too much work can be overstimulating to your brain cells. There is also nothing wrong with expressing your frustration in certain situations, but no reaction is the best response in certain instances.

Our brain cells are too crucial to our success for us not to be a better steward of their usage.

Remember, 2023 is the year of the BAG (Bold Audacious Goal), and we will need our brain cells to make it happen.

Until next time,


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C Box
C Box
Apr 03, 2023

I really enjoyed this read. I will stop using up my brain cells on irrelevant situations


I tend to use the NO Reaction in most situations with the satisfaction knowing that life will respond on my behalf🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️


Keep it moving!!!👌

Replying to

That’s right!!! 2023 is THE YEAR‼️

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