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After The Handshakes: Uncommon Tips for Networking!

Have you ever heard the fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs? Spoiler alert: The goose was the real treasure! So, imagine my reaction when people act like the golden eggs matter more than the goose.

Our professional networks are the geese that bring us those golden opportunities in today's interconnected world. With the holiday approaching, in this week's YouTube video, I remind you of the importance of networking for your professional advancement and how nurturing those precious relationships will ensure those golden opportunities keep coming.

Click the "Play" button to watch the video, but I recommend viewing it directly on YouTube for the best experience.

Additionally, I want to share three ingenious ways to start and nourish professional relationships:

1- Conversation Starters: Do you struggle to initiate conversations with strangers? Guess what? Me too!!! I discovered a T-shirt company that addresses this issue. Check them out here. This isn't an affiliate link. I'm just sharing some of my gems. You can wear it when you are going to grab breakfast or lunch, while shopping, dropping your kids off at school, etc.

2- The "Give First" Approach: Instead of trying to figure out how quickly you can benefit from a new relationship, consider offering them something of value first like a great resource like a new podcast, a book, or my blog :-), an introduction that can benefit them, or some business advice to a challenge they're facing. While this approach requires time and patience, the reward is a genuine and long-lasting relationship, instead of a series of fleeting interactions. Plus, you don't want to be known as a shallow connection.

3- Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch: Do you have an elevator pitch? Remember, it needs to be concise with an attention-grabbing opening, convey a clear message about the value you offer or the problem you solve, and have a compelling call to action. I'm still practicing mine, so don't feel bad if you don't have one or are still working on yours. We're in the same boat!

***Bonus Tip: Always remember to follow up with a new connection. It keeps you top of mind and continues the conversation.

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