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Disguised Distractions

We are at the end of 2022. Here are some questions we should all consider: "Did my activities this year bring me closer to my goals? Or were they mostly disguised distractions?"

A disguised distraction is any activity that seems productive, but in reality, doesn’t bring you closer to your goals.

Let me give you an example…

This year, one of my goals was to promote myself more as a keynote speaker and a blogger. And while most social media marketing coaches would insist that the way to increase your reach is to post multiple times a day and respond to the comments under your posts, I realized that this approach wasn't working for me. Because I did all that!!! But instead of a greater reach, I was mentally drained. Plus, I had no concrete proof that this approach did what it was supposed to do: bring me closer to my goal. Conclusion: It was a disguised distraction.

Once I realized that, I decided to go a different route. I started posting once or twice a day, and spent the rest of my time interacting in the comment section of accounts that were having discussions that allow me to share my knowledge, and engage with people looking for my talents. As a result, I have seen an increase in my LinkedIn growth like never before.

I am sure there are a lot of people making waves in social media with posting multiple times a day, so I am not saying it's a wrong approach. It just didn't work for me. Because contrary to popular belief, there is no one size fits all in marketing your brand on social media.

I know everyone reading this article might not be an entrepreneur or a business owner.

Let's say you want a promotion at work, or you want to switch job or career, and you have been sending resume left and right, but nothing is happening. May I suggest you take a different approach by starting to share your knowledge online, so that the companies looking for your talents and knowledge find you.

The goal is to find what works for you, so this week, I encourage you to analyze your daily activities and tasks. If they are not bringing you closer to your goal, it's time to see them for what they truly are "disguised distractions".

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C Box
Nov 15, 2022

I am feeling the burn out again of this very thing!!! Ready to say forget it I’ll just post once or twice a week that should be better than nothing lol but you’re right a different approach is the next step.

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