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Nice To Meet You!!!

I was sitting on my sofa, thinking about what topic I should consider next, when I realized I actually never formally introduced myself. Well... Good morning... Good afternoon... My name is Emmanuelle Poin Du Jour, but you can call me Emma. I was born and raised in Haiti, and moved to the United States when I turned 23 years old. Talking about CULTURE SHOCK!!! But that’s a story for another post that would probably be titled « My first year as an immigrant in the cold weather of Chicago. » Just now, another topic came to mind: « What do you do when you move in the land of opportunities... But no one prepared you mentally, emotionally, financially and physically to seize those opportunities. » And another one: « How do you recover from a broken heart... a broken marriage? », « How do you overcome single parenthood when the odds are against you? » I could spend the whole afternoon with ideas popping up non-stop in my head. All arising from my own challenges and pain in the past 44 years (I know... I don't look 44, but I really am... I have the birth certificate to prove it :-) The purpose, the goal for this blogging website is to show you, my beautiful resilient Sister, if me and the other amazing women who will share their stories could have overcome their obstacles, SO CAN YOU!!! I am not a Badass Woman (I wish I was), but overnight badass woman or woman who are born badass only exist in movies. The real ones had to grow into becoming badass.

So I invite you to go into this growth journey with me. I hope that as me and so many other women share our stories, you will be inspired, and never know, maybe as you are reading of those posts, it might unlock the information or the tenacity you needed to slay your own giants.

So I encourage you to join the tribe by joining the email list, so you can get updates on new posts. Until next time, Emma P.

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