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Do You Respect Your Dreams?

Do you respect your dreams? That’s the question I was pondering on this week. I realized that most people don’t have a dream problem. Who wouldn’t have aspirations for a better life? The real issue is that most people don’t respect their dreams. Shocking!!! Hmmm!!!

To help you come to the same realization as me, let me give you three attitudes that show that you don’t respect YOUR DREAMS:

1- You treat your dreams with the same respect as you would a HOBBY!!! No specific goal setting… No real commitment to consistently pursue it.

Side Note: Do you see how I consistently show up every Sunday, no matter how I feel emotionally? I am committed to seeing my dreams of having a successful website that empowers men and women not to settle but to go after “the more” that life has in store for them.

2- You allow family members, friends, co-workers, and people on the internet to DISRESPECT YOUR DREAMS!!!

Listen!!! If people want to see another side of Emma, go ahead and criticize one of my dreams or make shady comments. I will put you back in your place pretty quickly. Why? Because it’s my dream!!! It’s my baby!!! Were they there when I was birthing it in my spirit? Were they there on the days that I had to convince myself I wasn’t crazy about pursuing it? So keep it moving!!! That’s the attitude some of you need to have toward dream killers.

3- You give up way too quickly- like SERIOUSLY!!!

April 16th will mark my second anniversary with this blog. Has it been easy? No!!! Have I wanted to give up? More times than you can imagine. Trust me!!! At first, I had to practically beg people to sign up for it, then beg some to open their email and read it. Right now, I am still begging some to interact by commenting on the blog and sharing it :-)

So hook a sister up :-)

My question to you is: “Why do you keep giving up your dreams? Why did you feel passionate about starting that business, going after that promotion, acquiring a new skill in January, but when delays began taking place, and things weren’t going as you expected in your head, your tone changed?

Why did you start promoting yourself as a chef in January, but when the clients didn’t come, you switched dreams or stop pursuing the January one? What happened to doing the work to see where it takes you? Have you ever heard of someone reaching a Big Audacious Goal (BAG) in one, two, or even three months? No!!! So why are you being so hard on your dreams but not hard enough on yourself???

I used to be a big PROCRASTINATOR!!! I used to do all of the above!!! But one day, I had to take a good look at my spirit and tell myself: «Emma, your dreams are not materializing because you are a quitter and are unstable on your goals. I had to sit down long enough to do the inside work.

So today, I am encouraging you to do the inside work as well. Life has so much more to offer YOU!!! But life is also a BULL, and to get to your BAG, you’re going to need to sit on it while it shakes the hell out of you but realize you will not give up - not this time… not in 2023. That BAG will be yours.

If you find value in this blog, please let me know in the Blog Comment. That's a great way of fueling my dream to serve you.

Until next time,


P.S. Did you enjoy my LinkedIn tips on the Let’s Chat section?

I am planning an Instagram Live on AI (Artificial Intelligence). I am looking for a couple of people who are on Instagram who would like to participate in little chit-chat regarding ChatGPT, Jasper, and all the other AI apps. People have mixed feelings about them, so let’s talk about it on Instagram Live. If interested, comment with your IG Name, or DM me on IG.

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Interesting article!!! The hardest part in pursuing dreams is when the winning decision is not in your power… it is getting frustrating when you put the works and have nothing to show for it (Yet) 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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